River Valley District Library Cards


A valid library card is required to borrow materials at the River Valley District Library. Those individuals who reside within the Library's taxing district are eligible for a free library card.  Individuals who reside outside the library taxing district but own property within the taxing district are eligible for a free library card. Please click here to view a map of our district boundaries. Persons wishing to obtain a library card will be expected to verify identity and residency. Two forms of identification displaying name and current address must be provided to obtain a library card. Examples include:
  • Driver's License
  • State Issued ID Card
  • Utility Bills
  • Checkbook
  • Business Mail
  • Rent Receipts or Contracts
  • Tax Bill
  • Voter Registration Card
There is no age limit for acquiring a library card. However, a signature and proof of residency within the library taxing district from a parent or legal guardian is required for children who are 18 years of age or younger. Circulation staff may refuse to issue or renew a library card if any of the following apply:
  • Unpaid fines on previous accounts
  • Delinquent materials not returned
  • Inadequate identification or address
  • False information or identities
  • No permanent address within the River Valley District Library taxing district

Non - Resident Fees
Individuals who reside outside of the Library taxing district and are not served by another public library are required by Illinois State Law (75 ILCS 16/30-55 (60) ) to purchase a library card every year in order to borrow library materials. To protect the rights of residents of the River Valley District Library who pay taxes to support the library, nonresidents will pay for library cards in the same manner as residents. A nonresident library card fee will be calculated as follows:
  • Nonresident Property Owner:  Net Valuation X .003722 = yearly fee
  • Nonresident Renter: 15% of monthly rent = yearly fee
A nonresident owner shall provide a copy of their tax bill and a nonresident renter shall provide a current rent receipt or cancelled check for verification. Due to a change in Illinois State Law (adopted at 26 Ill. Reg. 5974), student cards cannot be offered.

Temporary Cards
Cards with an expiration date up to six months may be issued in special situations.These include: temporary residency in a camp ground, visiting relatives, and short term work or school assignments. Additionally, a temporary card will be issued during the summer months during the summer reading program to children who wish to participate but are not served by any library district.
** Please notify the library with any change of address. A card must be presented at the time of checkout, renewal or when requesting a reserve or interlibrary loan item.